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Terms and Agreement

Mutual/privacy Agreement

Before using GoldenTrail system for any tracking services, the tracked person must fully agree that he or she will be tracked and is supervised by the tracker/caregiver. You agree that GoldenTrail does not hold any responsibility regarding privacy issue. The responsibility is fully bared between the tracking person and the tracker/caregiver. You also agree not to hold any liability and responsibility on GoldenTrail, GoldenTrail staff, liable parties regarding any accidents, misinterpreted information or any similar circumstances if it were to happen.

GPS Location Accuracy

You agree that the GPS tracking accuracy is not 100% accurate but its subjective to the phone device, weather, signal strength and the usage of the phone. You also agree that GoldenTrail provides GPS tracking as accurate as possible but will not hold any responsibility for any unforseen circumstances.

Online Payment/Refund

You agree that once you have made payment via an online transaction for renew or upgrade of plans, you have agreed the terms and condition of GoldenTrail in full agreement. Any online payment are charged at full cost and no refund will be issued if the subscription is cancelled unless a formal statement/agreement has been made between the GoldenTrail staff and the customer.

Data Usage

You agree that your online data usage via any phones are charged separately from GoldenTrail subscription and you bear the full cost for your mobile phone charges. Golden Trail subscription provides only on emergency tracking service and not a data plan service provider. You have agreed that you are fully aware of your data usage and the cost of it and you will not hold any liability or responsibility on GoldenTrail.

Personal Data Protection Act

You allow GoldenTrail to collect, use or disclose personal data. GoldenTrail system only collect information regards to your connected smartphone location, login access location, some basic personnel information such as name, contact number for the purpose of the system/app usage.
GoldenTrail will never and does not sell your information to other third party vendors or organization or usage for any selling analysis purpose.

Terms & Agreement Updates

You agree that the terms and agreement policy will change over time and a notice maybe emailed for any changes.