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GoldenTrail - Signup a new Messaging Location Meetup App, connect with family, friends, employees or your close ones!


Frequently Answered Questions

What is GoldenTrail?

GoldenTrail is a Location Messaging Meetup App that allows you to connect with family, friends, elderly or close ones in one private account. It also allows sending of messages just like how WhatsApp, Line or WeChat works. But this time round, with a push of a button to all your family members.

What is a Zome?

A Zome also known as creating a parameter on a map, is a feature which allows you to get notified who has arrived, exceptionally useful for family or friends gathering. For an example, you may wish to set a 1 KM Zome around Orchard Road 313 for lunch. So if any of your family members reaches or soon to arrive Orchard Road 313, everyone in the family gets notified.

GoldenTrail mention safety, what do you mean by that?

When you signup an account with GoldenTrail, connected all your family members smartphones. At any time a family member launches the GoldenTrail App, its location is stored into your account. So, in a real emergency case.
For an example, somebody got lost and you need to pass his/her information to the police or rescue organization. You can access all his/her historical location information till last known at the same time keep track his/her location on the map.

How often is my location data in the App transferred into my account?

Your location data that is transferred into your account is defaulted to every 5 minutes. This can be changed to your preference from your own account. Faster transferring rate will drain phone battery life.

Do I need a mobile data plan?

Yes. You will need a data plan for smart-phone which can be subscribed at any nearby telecom stores. We recommend to purchase the mobile data plan Prepaid card for cost saving if you only wish to use GoldenTrail features.

What are the phones that are compatible?

Currently the iPhone iOS version (4.3+), Android version 2.1, BlackBerry, Windows phone are available for tracking and notification.

How accurate is the GPS?

The GPS accuracy is dependable on the GPS capability in your smartphones, approximately of 10 meters and 100 meters indoor accurate.

How accurate is the data or information?

The accuracy of the information are determined in our system algorithm as accurate as possible. but it may not truly provides a 100% accuracy.

Does a Nokia phone which is not a smart-phone able to use the App?

Currently for older phones and non-smart-phones are not available.